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2nd life
Server found a new owner.
hes ingame name is IRAQ. So any questions or asks goes to him.
Also this forum moderating by IRAQ

What does that means?
-Wanna be admin? ask IRAQ
-Wanna donate? ask IRAQ
-Any suggestions? ask IRAQ

He desided to keep me as admin. And i think he will be not against if i decide to add our old stuffs as admins again. Just let me know under this new.
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And btw. which map editor you have?

Forza, can i join admins?

Melbatt, a new thread has been added where you can apply for admins! smile

I think its great that you guys are keeping this server online still. IRAQ wont be dissapointed when he sees the results I hope. A new year for RepX maybe? Or if not we'll extend it anyway smile
Good Luck Forza, and new owner IRAQ.

thx man, good that you dont forget us. D

I wont forget this server/community for as long as I am a teenager.. xD
No man, I wont forget all the great times we've had together!

btw did you get black ops 2? we may play together.

No, I did not. Sorry. I play mostly on Xbox you see, but MW2 on PC... :/

Okay man, but anyway i will not be online often.

Ok Forza
Add Them and you dont need to ask me cool
Its your Server too

And The can Ask Forza
-Wanna be admin? ask Forza
-Wanna donate? ask Forza
-Any suggestions? ask Forza

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