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Server Name
 I Have Change The Server Name  From ( RepX||Gangnam Style||IRAQ| ) To
  ( |XA|New Maps+New Killstreak+High XP )
Views: 428 | Added by: IRAQ | Date: 01.03.2013 | Comments (3)

Server Is now Working
 The Server Is now online but it has been Changed to 4D1 Server ? And Thinks To Forza Who Have been helped me by putting the Gangnam Mod .
IF you Dont know How To Install 4D1 Go to

Views: 445 | Added by: IRAQ | Date: 11.02.2013 | Comments (2)

Server Stopped working!

 Sorry to all members but the server has stopped working and i am working on it
 but it may Take some Time.
 why its stopped working?
 aRev  M1  Servers  are  being  hacked  ATM, localization.txt is being removed at
 server startup and server fails to start. Please be patient.
Views: 410 | Added by: IRAQ | Date: 16.01.2013 | Comments (4)

Fake Admins

 All Admins should join admins directly when the enter the server because there are fake player used our name and talk to player using admin name. i saw one using my name ( IRAQ ) and before i ban him he left the server and after that another player join the server ( I think he's the same person ) and he used another admin name ( Repx|Hunter ) and after i check ( !admins ) and i didn't find him and after i talk him for a while then i found him he's a fake i BAN him permanent.
So when i join the server and joining admin and there's admin in the server and not showing in ( !admins ) i will ban him permanent directly. and if he is a real admin i will remove his ban and admin.

Views: 3660 | Added by: IRAQ | Date: 13.01.2013 | Comments (3)

New rules for potential admins

-Name, age, location
-in game Nicname
-how long do you play on our server
-why you want to be an admin

You can post request right under this post. Or on forum.
Views: 617 | Added by: Forzajuve | Date: 07.01.2013 | Comments (18)

Server found a new owner.
hes ingame name is IRAQ. So any questions or asks goes to him.
Also this forum moderating by IRAQ

What does that means?
-Wanna be admin? ask IRAQ
-Wanna donate? ask IRAQ
-Any suggestions? ask IRAQ

He desided to keep me as admin. And i think he will be not against if i decide to add our old stuffs as admins again. Just let me know u ... Read more »
Views: 1846 | Added by: Forzajuve | Date: 02.01.2013 | Comments (10)


2 servers.
6 month totaly.
48.000+ players (almost 50K).
2000+ banned cheaters. and over 10.000 kicked and warned.
124th place in GameTracker (CoD only) - Gangnam server.
Over 100 noob [RX] members, and few [RepX]
3x don ... Read more »
Views: 524 | Added by: Forzajuve | Date: 31.12.2012 | Comments (2)

Lets not lose each others. 

Lets post here our contacts so we will be able to meet together and have some fun on other servers or games.

Views: 486 | Added by: Forzajuve | Date: 04.12.2012 | Comments (17)


1) VIP - changed. now its not happen automatic. only by this thread
2) Ban duration changet to 1 month. (most likely i will increase it to 3 month)
3) I removed all inactive admins.
4) Server 2 (Gangnam) will be removed next week
5) Vote map only for VIP players + few other commands for vip level 3.
6) Players with 50+ connections are not allowed to play without Fraps (vid ... Read more »
Views: 391 | Added by: Forzajuve | Date: 24.11.2012 | Comments (1)

Congratulations !!! Player number 20.000

Today, we have reached new heights. 20000 registered players. 
When i start SD server i could not imagine that server ever will get 20.000 registered players )

Who is a lucky guy?
His name is mjb050, and his status is Banned for 2 weeks for WH+AIM :D

idk what to say else. we all did a really good job, and i belive we will get new higher success
Views: 349 | Added by: Forzajuve | Date: 14.10.2012 | Comments (4)

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