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Main » 2013 » January » 16 » Server Down
Server Down
Server Stopped working!

 Sorry to all members but the server has stopped working and i am working on it
 but it may Take some Time.
 why its stopped working?
 aRev  M1  Servers  are  being  hacked  ATM, localization.txt is being removed at
 server startup and server fails to start. Please be patient.
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Total comments: 4
arrrrg,had not played on this server for a while,and now i its down,good luck getting this server up,IRAQ.

Please make it work its my favourite server i love it please :((

Damn, good luck to get the server up, hope to see you online soon

Greetz BoneCrusher

Wtf okay,this is good because next time i drive to my grandma for 2 days.
See you soon biggrin

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