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For Admins ! ! !
Almost every one want to ban or warm players without posting any proofs on forum. I'm tired to ask you about this over and over again . Yes we need more admin to keep server clean, but you should not forget that I'm paying for this server and i want to be sure that every Repx admin is really good as administrator/moderator. So i decided to remove all admins that doesnt keep our rules. I will change your lvl to 15 (no any punish commands) and i understand that probably all of you will leave us after this, but this is your fault not mine. I don't need irresponsible members.

For current high level admins.
If you guys will not help me to find more effective admins, then it will not work.
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and if you join another server then repx then say thats repx is a clan and you can join at
kinda advertisement

(i cant do better) but this forum is really annoying...
get another theme and another forum working if you can and have time. im not that experienced with sites so i dont know how you have to do it. but i know some people who can.

(example forum just look around there and see how that forum is but thats hacking forum not clan forum)

[color=blue]Maybe we need to spend more time getting to know who we recruit.

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