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For Admins
New rules for admins:
-Using autoscreenshot program 24\7 - For example Fraps
Or Screenhunter (download at the Downloads section>Others) btw. Fraps os better, i tryed both.
-2If you suspect someone is hacking but not sure or cant get the proofs: Then use !notice name Reason.
that comman will add a messaje to Echelon log so i can check and add a greeting, and when next time that guy enter the game it will be show that he is suspect as some hacker.

Greetings will be:
s1 = means suspect 1 WH
s2 = Aimbot
s3 = Norecoil

3)Ony for admins 60+ For players that you suspect but cant get proofs or not sure use:
!notice name fraps
then i will add a greeting to his name every time we will see that he should use Fraps (or something else) and anyone may ask him to sho screenshots anytime)

Any comments below
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Total comments: 11
i could not sign in so i post he hackers here hope it is ok so you could ban them
he is teh worst hacker ive ever sah please ban
reasen aimbot an wh
and racissm

OMG dude why you hide this videos here? why no post them in chat or forum?



video nr 3 hack again


second video he has wh properbly bot too


My first video he has aimbot

i want to join admin


who cares? then he will be banned.
like you playing, i suspect you as WH. then i ask you to use Fraps. if you not agree = good bye. if you agree, i could ask you any time to shom me the proofs. if you didnt show = good bye.

i dont think a hacker will give you a vid of himself hacking on MW2...

BTW i already using that screenshot maker (FRAPS) . so anytime ask me for screens wink

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