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Main » 2012 » September » 21 » Update !!!
Update !!!
Hello. i updated our server mod.

-New rule for all admins: You have to upload a videoproofe for every banned player (just like before) im doing that coz too much wrong bans coming and a lot of our regular players got banned by misstake. i think you guys will not have problem with it. (Tips: i recomend you record all killcams, and record any suspected player. then you will get proofs easy)

-All admins have to register (press N button ingame for info)

-If some player has a ' sign infront of hes name, dont ban him. that sign means that he is registered and using Fraps (or any other program that making auto screenshots ). Ask him to upload hes screenshot (or video if he recording) and ask him to post link in our chat. if he will do, and you will see that he is not using hacks, then dont ban. if he will not upload, then you can ban him, coz using a sign without runing Fraps is not allowed...


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this is how it works. everyone can be Superadmin without the need for posting video. Just rent your own server.

I need quality not quantity of bans. Banning 1 hacker is much much bettar than banning 6 hackers+3 nonhackers by mistake.

lol since when admins have to proof every an they make that is stupid in another meaning you're making your admins your bitches

Yeah ForzaJuve is always afk on spectator and I want to kick him :P

i already follow this rule :P
(i dont have high enough lvl to ban XD)

i saw a AFK guy (ingame) today and you was AFK too as (spectator). and i didnt know what to do i cant kick that guy i tried poke but he was still AFK. everyone was pissing me off XD
i really need to lvl up abit

if server is full - warn. if server is not- dont do anything

Yes I agree with you.Banning wrong lots of players then the admin is either bad,traitor or what.

Yeah dude, but rule is rule... if you too lazy to record, then just let hackers to play wink
oh and about trust. i trust to you and Robin and to other guys, but everyone can make a misstake, and this is normal. i just wanna be able to see and decide you did right or wrong. if you failed and banned wrong guy, its okay, not a big deal, i will just unban him... but if someone will ban wrong alot of players, then i will do something...

Weeks you know me as best admin with no fault bans.Trust me and there wont wrong ban actions....

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