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Admin application
New rules for potential admins

-Name, age, location
-in game Nicname
-how long do you play on our server
-why you want to be an admin

You can post request right under this post. Or on forum.
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15 3541BoneCrusher  
Heey everyone,
Name: Stef
Age: 17
From: Netherlands
IGN: 3541| Bonecrusher ( 3541| BoneCrush is only viseble in game)
I have playing on Repx server for 1-2 months, since i joined it i loved it, the maps are good designed and good killsteaks.
Why to take me as admin? I have been admin in different server in the last 2-3 years, 2 years in United-Gamerz servers and 1 year in Amic-clan servers. i always can get along pretty wel with the players. And there are a lot of hackers in the server the last time, unfortunately there isnt always a admin in the game, i yust want to help to make the servers clean from cheaters and have a great time with all players.

Thx for time to read

3541| BoneCrusher

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16 Forzajuve  
Report few cheaters, and you will be in team if everything will be fine. level 20 (moderator)

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12 Omega  
Name : Khaled
Age : 17
Location : Algeria
NickName : In all games : Omega
how long : i play here since 3 months i guess, maybe less , maybe more.
P.S : i know French, English,and ofc Arabic.

Why : well,i've admin in games since 2 years, so i know all the hacks, how they work,how to be sure,and i'm kinda popular in-game ( everyone seem to be liking me )...and, i love this server, it's really fun to play,so i wanna keep it hackers free if you give me the chance.Peace.

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13 Forzajuve  
i say yes. talk to IRAQ. I think he will not mind

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14 IRAQ  
Ok cool
Send me PM Message
Your Name In Game:
Password: ( just four )

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9 AnazZz  
Name : Anas
Age: 15
In-Game : itZ' AnazZz
Play time of this server : 1 month everyday

Why i : so i love this server this maps and the kill streaks. i see many aimboter and i want bann him and i want this job as admin.
(Sorry im not good in english)
I Hope i wanne be Admin of this nice server smile

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10 Forzajuve  
denied, try again in 2 week

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8 [MM]Melbatt  
Haha,okay check this.

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5 [MM]Melbatt  
Edit : I speak English,German, and a bit Russian.

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6 Forzajuve  
okay. lets see what IRAQ thinks.

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11 [MM]Melbatt  
Forza look at forum .
IRAQ will that i post that on forum
See at -->Admins --> Application for Admin
greetings Melbatt

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7 Forzajuve  
i just checked in old database. you didnt got any bans (only for antispam). lets see what IRAQ say, coz he might know you better than i do.

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4 [MM]Melbatt  
Hello Forza,
My Ingame Name is : [MM]Melbatt , I am 15 years old and come from Germany.
Before my Account Switch i name : 'RX|Melbat or 'RX|Melbatt112 .

I play with the old account 3 months and with new account 1-2 weeks.
And I am Ingame from 4 pm - 4 am with breaks.
Why i want to be a Admin?
Of Course to ban Hackers and kick spammer. Oh i can switch maps and see what user wish. If its a real wish i can perform it.
Other Infos:
i get never banned from a server. I have my own Server were i kick and ban hackers but i closed him and played RepX.

IRAQ mean its possible that i be a nice Admin

PS:Sorry for my bad english . ;)

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3 Forzajuve  
hi, you forgot ingame name

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2 Forzajuve  
God damm we dont need your name lol. Just wait for Echelon or tell me in STEAM.

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1 Huntar  
My name is Even Johan Jenssen, I am 13 years old and I'm from Norway biggrin
My in-game nickname is 'RX|Huntar, but if I get admin I will switch to RepX|Huntar, of course.
I have played on RepX since it started, according to Forza. I started playing about July, or June.. Dont remember excacly.
I want admin (troll) because I love this server... Im often online, often in-game playing with our friends and having a chat. But the game often gets ruined by hackers... Obviously I want this to stop, and since I am most trusted by Forza, and good friends with alot of the members, I do ask for FULL Admin. I have been admin several times in this game, never banned ever. I do believe I am in right position for this job, since I do record when neccesary and I try to help other players as much as I can.
Good Luck everyone! We need as much admins as possible! smile

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