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To All Admins
Fake Admins

 All Admins should join admins directly when the enter the server because there are fake player used our name and talk to player using admin name. i saw one using my name ( IRAQ ) and before i ban him he left the server and after that another player join the server ( I think he's the same person ) and he used another admin name ( Repx|Hunter ) and after i check ( !admins ) and i didn't find him and after i talk him for a while then i found him he's a fake i BAN him permanent.
So when i join the server and joining admin and there's admin in the server and not showing in ( !admins ) i will ban him permanent directly. and if he is a real admin i will remove his ban and admin.

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3 BloodSnake  
is synx still down too?
im installing MW2 again now had alot shit (school and private life shit) going on so i "vanished" without saying smth

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2 Forzajuve  
i agree with IRAQ. no matter RX|Huntar or RX|Hunter - !admins, if not in list then ban. also IRAQ you can use censor plugin that will kick everyone except admins with name RepX.... change yourself and tell to every admin using RepX, then this problem will be solved

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1 Huntar  
Yeh, RepX|Hunter is not me.
1. I spell Hunter with "a", Huntar<3
2. I dont use RepX before I am admin, I still have RX.

Gotta hate theese noobs..

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