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-All mod codes rewritten
-Added invisible mode for lvl 75+ admins
-Added red dot for every one (press 5)
-Rewritten all b3 spam messages
-Added new rule (use it if you suspect someone is Wallhacking but cant get proofs)

-Added secondary GL (for noobs)
-Added g18 (for noobs)
-Added HB sensor (for noobs)

GL users will lost  -50 pecent of their HP - not compleated yet.

Any other suggestions??
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3 Uncle_{SAM}  
hmm might i suggest 70% HP loss and set the client Dvar so they don't regenerate

also Invisible mode for 75+ admins... really... why not include GOD MODE ASWELL!!! (way Over Powered ) angry

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4 Forzajuve  
lol its not for abusing. its for catching hackes. likse some1 Wher. and you torn on invisible and running around. if he shot at you = WH. biggrin but actually hard to catch some1 biggrin

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5 Forzajuve  
yes. but i need a code like if clinet using thumper then -70 hp and take all perks (gl + danger close not good :S)

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2 Forzajuve  
after lvl 60 for each new admin in your team ill give +5 lvl.

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1 thekillergreece  
Are you kidding me?75+ admins?There is no 75+ admin...We just at 60+...Good time to use hearbat sensor :P

Well my suggestions:
Good that you added noob things but you should add disadvantages:
GL lose 50- health okay
HB Sensor, he wont get UAV support.

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